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Punctuating So at the Beginning of a Sentence

Punctuating So at the Beginning of a Sentence Punctuating â€Å"So† at the Beginning of a Sentence Punctuating â€Å"So† at the Beginning of a Sentence By Maeve Maddox A reader remarked on my punctuation of so at the beginning of several sentences in a recent post: No commas after â€Å"so† as you have used here in your examples! Here are two of the offending sentences: So, how was the interview? So, what should we do now? These examples appear in a discussion of a use of so that is common in spoken English. The written form I gave them represents a style of casual speech. It’s questionable if so can even be called a conjunction in contexts in which it is difficult or impossible to discern what thoughts are being joined. Formal written English treats the punctuation of so at the beginning of a sentence differently. Some speakers feel strongly that the conjunction so shouldn’t begin a sentence at all: I almost fainted when I read the email about the acceptability of beginning sentences with [a conjunction]. I’m firmly in the camp that believes starting a sentence with a conjunction is an error. Although such feelings persist, authorities like The Chicago Manual of Style do not share them: There is a widespread belief- one with no historical or grammatical foundation- that it is an error to begin a sentence with a conjunction such as and, but, or so. In fact, a substantial percentage (often as many as 10 percent) of the sentences in first-rate writing begin with conjunctions. It has been so for centuries, and even the most conservative grammarians have followed this practice.- CMS, 5.206. In formal writing, in contrast to a casual style, a so that begins a sentence is not followed by a comma. Lucius Caesar died at Massilia in 2 CE.; two years later, Gaius Caesar succumbed to a wound he received fighting against Armenian nationalists. So Augustus adopted Tiberius as his son in 4 CE and got him tribunician power and consular imperium for ten years. Note: If a beginning so is followed by a parenthetical expression, a set of commas is needed: So, misinterpreting Ragland’s order, Nolan told Lucan to send the Light Brigade on a frontal attack against the Russian guns. Related posts: Beginning a Sentence with And or But Can And or But Begin a Sentence? Can You Start Sentences with â€Å"And† or â€Å"But†? Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Punctuation category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Types of RhymePrecedent vs. PrecedenceTitled versus Entitled

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Atheorist's voice Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Atheorist's voice - Research Paper Example In this context, based on the learning environment, transformative learning theory is deemed to play an important role towards eradicating the key issues that are develop among the students and teachers during the course of interpersonal communication (Cooper, n.d.). Thus, the approach of transformational theory allows making the students sensitive on the basis of learning behaviour and eradicating the communication gap by transforming their behaviours. Apparently, in order to ensure proper learning, people faces significant challenges and difficulties (Rubenson, 2011). Correspondingly, with the use of the transformational theory of learning, people can remain sensitive regarding other behaviours and have an understanding about the need to incorporate certain behaviour for developing their values and attitudes among others. Furthermore, transformation is integral, as learning is a process of evolving skills and values among others in the existing behavioural framework. Moreover, with the combination of reflection and discourse of the required learning approach, people can shift their perceptions about new objects or things. Subsequently, using theoretical approach of the transformational learning theory, people can develop their behaviour based on task-orientation (Kitchenham, 2010; Blackwell

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Materials Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Materials Development - Essay Example the gadget was made from low-cost materials it will keep on spoiling as it is not strong enough to withhold the magnitude of activities that are being performed on it. Therefore, it is important to produce high-cost gadget rather than low-cost as they will have more features; hence, creating a competitive market base. Producing low-cost materials is wasteful as most of the funds will be used in the marketing strategy, which may fail as the product is not eye-catching. I did not buy my argument because it is not practical to make low-cost gadget that keep customers complaining and replacing. It is vital for an organization to make products that are competitive and that fulfil the customer’s needs (Yaeger, Thomas & Peter 118). I was swayed by the other team’s argument because when a gadget is produced with high-cost materials, it maintains customers as they are satisfied with the products as they have the necessary gadgets to use in the daily lives. Additionally, high-cost products mean that the organization will patent their technology, thus, ensuring that no other products are made with the same features; hence, lowering the value of low-cost materials. Moreover, making low-cost products will mean more clean-up, replacement, which decreases customer loyalty towards the products making the low-cost products

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Research Paper on Emma by Jane Austen - What is It All About?

Research Paper on Emma by Jane Austen - What is It All About?Research paper on Emma by Jane Austen is also known as Emma by Jane. You may have come across this particular title and if you haven't, then you must have. So, what exactly does this research paper cover?It is impossible to cover all of the topics in Jane Austen's novels. Therefore, the research paper will only cover a selected list of topics that I believe are most interesting to the readers. Please refer to the list of topics below and pick one or two topics and try to write an essay on that topic.The topics include: - The first coming of Elizabeth Bennet (the sister of Mr. Knightley); - the fourth battle of Bosworth Field; - Middleton Bridge; - the character of Prideaux (Mr. Darcy's uncle); - Prideaux's realisation; - the character of Mr. Darcy (Mr. Darcy's father); - Mrs. Elton (Mrs. Collins' mother); - Mr. Knightley's habit of leaving his wife in the lurch; - the romantic scenes in Emma; - the belief in the Holy Trinit y; - the character of Mrs. Bennet; - Mr. Bennet's secret love for Mr. Collins (Mr. Collins' mistress); - Mrs. Bennet's visit to her mother; - the discovery of the last recorded words of Mary, Duchess of York; - the third battle of Bosworth Field; - the character of the Robt. Hamilton (Mr. Bingley's bully); - Lord (also known as Lord) Bingley (Mr. Bingley's father); - the character of Julia, the Bailiff's Mistress; - the characters of Mr. Elton and Mr. Williams (Mr. Elton's character); - the character of Mr. Colman (Mr. Colman's character); - the character of Mr. George Wickham (Mr. Wickham's character); - the character of Mrs. Taylor (Mrs. Bennet's daughter); - the character of Mrs. Montague (Mrs. Bennet's sister); - the character of Mr. Elton's son, and finally, - the character of Mr. Collins' son.When you begin writing the research paper on Emma by Jane Austen, you should not worry about anything else, especially the grammar, spelling and sentence structure. If you don't, you can expect an explanation in your letter to Jane Austen.The research paper will not cover Emma if you fail to meet the requirements of the length of the essay. If you don't have sufficient knowledge of English grammar, the essay will definitely be of no use to you.During the writing of the research paper on Emma by Jane Austen, keep in mind that you must complete the essay within three months. This stipulation is dictated by the fact that it is difficult to write essays during winter. Therefore, you will have to move at a faster pace.In conclusion, the research paper on Emma by Jane Austen can be of some help to you. Do not be afraid to experiment a little in order to make your essay truly unique. Good luck!

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The Death of a Writer Essay

The Death of a Writer EssayThe death of a writer essay can be sometimes a source of agony and grief to the author. This is because the death of a writer is not the beginning of the end of their writing career. It is a symptom of what is to come, and what comes in a world that is increasingly relying on the Internet to keep up with information, for purposes of research and for entertainment.Take for example an author with several online reviews of his work. All these reviews are kept by the author to showcase his work and the sorts of audiences that he has been recommended by. If his work receives favourable reviews, then his works will undoubtedly be noticed by the reader of the review. If the reader of the review writes to the author of the review and recommends a writer's work, the author may well put some work into writing a book or an article that would further publicize his work.If the reader of the review writes to the author again recommending a writer's work and a book or an article comes from that recommendation, the author can then develop further interest in writing the book or the article and may produce a greater and longer version of his work. If the author has an online profile that does not receive much traffic, then this can eventually turn into the death of a writer essay and the death of a writer's writing career.The death of a writer essay can also be seen in forums where the writer's work is discussed. The death of a writer will eventually lead to more discussion about the author and whether the author's work is good or bad. Once a writer has received a death of a writer essay, they will certainly be discouraged from publicizing their work. If they are permitted to keep their reviews online, then this will automatically limit the exposure of the author's work.The death of a writer essay can also be seen in a research paper that an author produces. By creating a list of examples of his works that have not been published yet, this can become a death of a writer essay, as his writing becomes apparent to the research staff of the university or institution of study he has been given.This death of a writer is natural, and it can in fact be seen as the death of a writer simply because the next step is no longer needed by the author. What was once needed is no longer needed, so the author may eventually die of the fear of this inevitable death.A death of a writer essay is unfortunate and can easily be prevented. It is only when the death of a writer essay is inevitable that it becomes a problem that the writer must tackle.

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The Basic Facts of Should My Address E on My College Application Essay

The Basic Facts of Should My Address E on My College Application Essay The essay that's full of bad puns or off-color jokes will often wind up in the rejection pile. On the flip side, any association between a teacher and student that's perceived inappropriate may have a terrible influence on the student's progress. Because your guidance counselor is there to assist you with the procedure anyway, asking them to take a peek at your essay might be an excellent idea. You will see that the experience of working on a large-scale research project is unlike anything you're very likely to experience again should you ever get the opportunity. You need to supply sample scenarios, along with other details to drive your point home. Your mental wellness history or disability could possibly be an integral portion of who you are, but it doesn't necessarily ensure it is relevant to a college application. There's no established rule on who can and can't offer suggestions and assistanceas long as you're the one doing the true writing, obviously. When done well, this strategy can workyour goal is to stick out from the remainder of the applicants and taking a risk by means of your essay will help you do so. The notion isn't to submerge yourself in it, yet to launch yourself from it. How you present your principal idea depends upon the subject you select. Student loans have to be paid at quite a hefty rate of interest, as a way to cover the expenses connected with university expenses. A lot of the college experience is missed if you do not live on campus. Completing your college applications can be as simple as filling in little boxes with basic details about yourself. Usually, the whole process takes three months. What's Really Going on with Should My Address E on My College Application Essay One of the fundamental tasks of the application essay is to follow along with the dire ctions. Also finish a move-out checklist. Many college applicants make the error of attempting to incorporate all their accomplishments and activities in their application essays. Your college essay ought to be a concise essay about who you are and what you plan to study at the academic institution of your choice. While there is definitely no Ucas system because there is in the united kingdom, you'll nevertheless be asked to compose a college admissions essay as a portion of your application. College admissions essays aren't rocket science, but there are a variety of steps that students may take to assemble the most accurate and compelling essays that will assist their likelihood of gaining admission to their top-choice colleges. Essay prompts are intentionally open-ended, and there are many strategies to begin deciding on a topic. Essay requirements will change from school to school, but you're going to probably be requested to write 250750 words. You might see college essay templates on the internet that offer guidelines about how to structure your essay and what things to say in each individual paragraph. Make sure to provide your essay a good theme or thesis. You ought to be able to finish your essay with 5 paragraphs. You first have to establish the reason behind your essay, before it is possible to write persuasive content about it. Highlight the things you need to put in your essay, summarize your own personal story and incorporate your qualifications. You may also find lots of successful sample essays online. The Argument About Should My Address E on My College Application Essay Only it is possible to define the significance of a degree similar to this would be to you. Colleges and universities are offering several kinds of value in regards to housing and meal plans. In fact, lots of universities are currently offering housing opportunities to students with families, moreover, to those students who don't have any families.

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How to Choose Remains of the Day Essay Topics

How to Choose Remains of the Day Essay Topics A Startling Fact about Remains of the Day Essay Topics Uncovered Although pop culture is a necessary part of modern-day society, often it faces criticism from the members of non-mainstream groups. This story illustrates that a truly fantastic butler must know his place in the home and know he wasn't hired due to his political opinions. To think, all the men and women you know are your pals, but a very best friend is actually tricky to discover. One of the greatest strategies to change anybody's mind is with an emotional investment. New Ideas Into Remains of the Day Essay Topics Never Before Revealed The goal of a process essay is to give readers with some instructions for completing a specific undertaking. While some writers can find with wonderful ideas on the very first trial, many struggle on putting ideas with each other to write a very good essay. The writing process is a little tricky, but should you understand how to do i t, you won't have trouble composing it. There are several things that you can find out when reading different materials. The very first area of the introduction stipulates a definition. To conclude, kidney stones may be an extremely distressing issue. There's no prove to demonstrate your assertion is true. My rationale is that you learn to learn more about yourself because that is the only means it's possible to appreciate me for who I am. To write an excellent argumentative essay the students first must investigate several sides of the argument, which permits them to make an educated stance. For more information on this prospective thesis statement for The Odyssey, have a look at this guide. The Downside Risk of Remains of the Day Essay Topics At the conclusion of the second or third page, you realize you have deviated from the subject and may be even lost. Regardless, if you're reserving on the web make certain you erase your treats. As you start trying to find psychology essay topic ideas, the very first thing that you ought to think about is the guidelines for your essay given by your instructor. When it has to do with deciding on a topic, don't be fearful of the ones that sound generic, since you can use creativity to bring it to life. It's also a great topic for you to showcase various unseen side effects of financial downtime in the global sector. As mentioned before, our company gives excellent services to aid to your sociological essay topics needs. Since these topics are somewhat more abstract and might be indirectly linked to exchange prices, including them in your essay will aid your response stick out. It will permit you to shortlist some of the greatest thesis topics on finance. There are various immigration related topics. From the EPA to the National Parks System there are many means where the environment has played an important part in public administration. Furthermore, the objects and practices of popular culture may be an intriguing subject for study. Political and public administration topics can be challenging for students to find out by themselves. Social networking enslaves us. In addition to that, there are an additional 500,000 requiring a visit to the emergency room. Although some say completely free public transportation would assist the environment and cut back traffic, others think completely free public transportation is too costly, and the government can't afford to cover it. Make sure that you travel amid the week and not the close of the week, if you want to conserve the most extreme on your airfare. During his trip Stevens has plenty of time to consider things. The most significant thing in his life is his job and he's prepared to sacrifice the other facets of life so as to be the very best. There are, clearly, several interpretations of the term dignity, and, based on who is being asked, the response will most likely differ. The story isn't only about revenge and guilt. A friend is a person who's always there with you during positive and negative times. The One Thing to Do for Remains of the Day Essay Topics One of the absolute most important best places in Egypt, due to It holds a massive number of antiquities on the planet through archaeological sites which include thousands of artifacts. One of the absolute most important tourist destinations for Egypti ans and tourists, the Khan Al-Khalili market incorporates many handicrafts like wood crafts, copper and a few souvenirs and antiques, as well as the presence of several famed libraries and cultural cafes like coffee Al-Fishawi. Valentine's Day isn't a holiday. Allow a while to go to the Mummification Museum on the corniche. The Remains of the Day Essay Topics Pitfall Further, it's projected that 90% of all stones are made from calcium deposits. You need to do the right quantity of research from credible sources. Though the Atkins diet could be an efficient method to drop some weight, individuals should steer clear of the Atkins Diet because the drawbacks outweigh the advantages. Then there's the factor of social life, the deficiency of which can permit you to get depressed.